fmSpark uses the plugin to send HTML mails. A fully licensed version of this plugin is included with fmSpark and usually installed automatically when you first open fmSpark. If the plugin was just installed you may need to restart FileMaker for the plugin to become active.

Create a new mailing batch...

The "Create New..." button lets you select a new template to use for the found set of contacts. Selecting one of these will show you a preview (if available) and the description of the template. If the template doesn't have a preview or if you want to view a larger preview, you can click on the "Preview" button at the bottom of the screen. See System Requirements for information on some limitations of fmSpark in versions of FileMaker prior to 9, including the inability to create thumbnail previews.

After selecting the template you wish to use, click the Create button to continue to the create screen. See Email/Create, Labels/Create or Letters/Create for more.

Open a recent mailing...

Clicking "Open a recent..." presents a list of all the recent mailings with the most recent at the top. You may choose to include Completed mailings in this list using a checkbox a the top of the screen. Select any mailing and click "Open" to continue working with it or to review its contents.

Note that You can delete a mailing by clicking on the delete ( ) button in the Recent list.

If you have entered fmSpark with a list of recipients that is different from the list of recipients originally associated with the mailng you've elected to open, you will need to choose whether to use your new "Found" group (the new group) or your "Saved" group (the group originally associated with the draft).

See Email/Create, Labels/Create or Letters/Create for more.

Settings and Help

You can get to your Settings by clicking on the Settings button in the upper-right hand corner of the fmSpark window. You can open Help by clicking on the Help button.

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