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Quick Start Guide

Sending labels from fmSpark

This Quick Start guide assumes that fmSpark has been correctly integrated with your existing Contact Management Software (CMS) or that you're still playing around with the SampleContacts.fp7 file included with fmSpark In this guide, we'll be using the sample Contact Management file that ships with spark.

Step 1. Building a contact list

Open your Contact Management file. Perform a find or otherwise gather a found set to which you want to print labels. Click the blue "Create Labels" button or the equivalent (it may be a menu command). Check with your local administrator to be certain. This will open fmSpark and send it the found set of contacts.

Step 2. Select a template

From the "Create New" window, select a label template to use.

Then, click "Create" in the lower right of the screen. This will take you to the Compose screen.

Step 3. Edit the template: optional

You can edit the label by manipulating the merge fields in the "Label content" field If your label uses images, you can enter them on the Images tab. You may enter new merge values by pressing Control-I (PC) or Command-I (Mac), which will show you the Specify Field window.

At any time, you may press the "Preview" button to see how the labels look. When you're satisfied, click the "Merge" button merge your data with the labels. You can specify which label to start with in case you have a partially used sheet and wish to start somewhere other than on the first label.

Step 4. Reviewing your labels

From the Review labels screen, you can review each label that was generated. You can even make per-label adjustments as necessary in case you need to change how someone is addressed.

If you need to make global changes to the draft, click "Revert" in the upper left. This will bring you back to the Compose screen (and erase any personalization you may have done). If you close fmSpark altogether at this point, your draft will be listed on the "Open Recent" screen. You can get to this Open Recent screen from fmSpark's Welcome screen, or from the fmSpark menu.

Step 5. Printing

Click "Print Letters" when everything looks good. Remember that the placement of the text on the labels is handled in the FileMaker Pro layout associated with this merge. So if you need to shift the placement of text relative to the layout, edit the relevant print layout in layout mode.

After all labels have been printed, the "Completed" checkbox will be checked. If you don't print, but you want to mark the labels completed anyway, you can mark this checkbox manually. After a label has been marked completed, it can be reviewed in the "Open Recent" screen provided "Include completed mailings" is checked in the upper right of that screen.

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