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Getting Started

What is fmSpark?

fmSpark is a correspondence management module designed to be integrated into existing FileMaker solutions. fmSpark lets users create letters, rich emails and labels without going into layout mode or leaving FileMaker.

Built completely in FileMaker Pro, fmSpark is completely unlocked for you to modify and extend. The master account and password for the files is admin / admin... be sure to change those as you deploy.

Please see the fmSpark home page for more information.


fmSpark requires FileMaker 8.5 or higher, but is optimized for FileMaker 9.0 or higher. The plug-in which is included in the purchase of fmSpark is usually installed automatically the first time you open fmSpark. It is installed in the Extensions folder within your FileMaker Pro application folder. Please consult the Technical Specifications and Plugins sections for more information.

Using fmSpark for the first time

1. Double click on SampleContacts.fp7, an example file that comes with fmSpark.

2. Select a group of contacts by performing a search. Once you’ve found the contacts you’d like to send a mailing to, click the “Create Letters” button toward the top of the screen.

3. Your found set of contacts will be passed to fmSpark where you may now select a letter format from among the templates that ship with fmSpark; you can edit these templates or create your own later. Select a the “Application Thank You” template and then click “Create” in the lower right of the screen.

4. fmSpark will add the template to your mailing where you may alter its contents if you'd like before continuing.

5. Click “Merge” in the lower right and your found set of contacts will be merged with this mailing, creating the letters you can now print using the “Print Letters” button in the lower right of the screen.

6. Close the window when you’re done printing. That’s it; you’ve just merged your first mailing.

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