How do I ask a question not in this FAQ?

Please visit our Support page for more information.

Who is fmSpark for?

fmSpark is for any organization that manages people data with FileMaker Pro. Send branded emails to your constituents; customized letters to your applicants; personalized newsletters to your clients... anyone who contacts people can do it more efficiently and effectively with fmSpark.

How can fmSpark be integrated?

fmSpark can be integrated into FileMaker-based CMS/CRM databases. Detailed instructions for integration are available here.

How do I add new templates?

Check out the section of the documentation under Admin/Templates. You must have admin-level access in order to add templates from this screen.

Otherwise, you can being a new draft and choose "Save as Template..." from the menu bar (either Email, Labels, or Letters, depending on the type of media you are using).

How do I edit an existing template?

You can edit an existing template from the Admin/Templates screen. You must have admin-level access in order to edit templates from this screen.

Otherwise, you can create a draft from the template you want to edit and use the "Save as Template..." function. In this case, instead of choosing "New" (as above), you'll choose "Overwrite".

What are the differences in fmSpark when using FileMaker 8.5 versus FileMaker 9?

Please take a look at our Technical Specifications page for more information. There are some limitations when using FileMaker 8.5, but everything still works.

Email Specific

Can fmSpark be used with web mail like Yahoo or Google?

No. fmSpark requires a POP3/SMTP email account and won't work with web based mail like Yahoo or Google. It will also not work with Lotus Notes. Aside from that, though, you should be find and you can always try sending test messages from the demo to make sure it works with your settings.

Can fmSpark send mail from FileMaker Server?

While the Mailit plugin works on FileMaker server the scripts in fmSpark were not designed to run on the server and you may need to modify them so they work there. You'll need to write scripts which find batches in need of being sent and the call the existing fmSpark scripts to send them. In particular you'll want to add tests to all scripts you're running to see if the routines are being run on server...

The test I use is: PatternCount ( Get ( ApplicationVersion ) ; "Pro" ) = 0

...and then add AllowUserAbout OFF and SetErrorCapture ON to the beginning of each script you call (and all their subscripts) making sure none of these scripts rely on important steps that aren't supported in web publishing. Turn on "indicate web compatibility..." to be sure.

Remember that you set up which account is supposed to run the scheduled script when you set up your schedule on the server: so be sure to pick the account whose mail settings are working with your mail server in fmSpark's Settings / User / Mail Account tab. If you'd like some help getting this working on FileMaker Server, Proof can get you a price for modifying your copy of fmSpark to work this way. Contact Proof for more info.

Is there an option for plain text format if the recipients' email client can't handle html?

Yes. The plain text part is supported and can be separately customized from the HTML part, including its own merge values, etc.

Are the images sent as part of the email or hosted on a server? They are concerned about email file size.

fmSpark supports both inline images (images sent as attachments to the email) as well as externally-referenced images.

Ability to incorporate a standard "opt out" as part of the footer to be spam compliant?

The template can be preloaded with whatever content or text you wish to provide, including a standard "opt out" footer.

Would this process be considered RFC 821 compliant?

To the extent RFC 821 (and RFC 2821) is the "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol", yes. fmSpark uses standard SMTP to relay messages. It supports traditional SMTP as well as SMTP over SSL (RFC 3207).

Do I need to know HTML?

No HTML is required to use fmSpark. However, knowledge of HTML is useful if you want to build your own custom HTML stationery.

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