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Quick Start Guide

Emailing from fmSpark

This Quick Start guide assumes that fmSpark has been correctly integrated with your existing Contact Management Software (CMS) or that you're still playing around with the SampleContacts.fp7 file included with fmSpark In this guide, we'll be using the sample Contact Management file that ships with spark.

Step 1. Building a contact list

Open your Contact Management file. Perform a find or otherwise gather a found set for which you want to create an email. Click the blue "Create Email" button or the equivalent (it may be a menu command). Check with your local administrator to be certain. This will open fmSpark and send it the found set of contacts.

Step 2. Select a template

From the "Create New" window, select an email template to use.

Then, click "Create" in the lower right of the screen. This will take you to the Compose screen.

Step 3. Edit the template: optional

Make sure to enter something in at least the From, To, Subject and Plain Text body areas. You can use merge values in any of the fields. For instance, you may make From "<<User::emailAddress>>" (your email address). You may make To "<<CONTACTS::Email>>" (the recipient's email address). To insert a merge value, place your cursor in the field and press Control-I (PC) or Command-I (Mac). This will give you the 'Specify Field' window where you can select the merge field to enter. (You can also call up this window from within fmSpark's Insert menu.)

If the template you've selected includes an HTML Stationery component, you may be able to enter content on the HTML tab. The HTML is divided into ten "text areas" (Text 1, Text 2, Text 3 ... Text 10) with each of them representing a pre-specified area of the HTML Stationery design. Text 1 may be the Header. Text 2 may be the Main Content Area. If the HTML Text area is gray, it is not being used. If it is white, look above the text area for a description of what that text area represents.

At any time, you may press one of the "Preview" buttons to see how the message looks. When you're satisfied, click the "Merge" button to take you to the Review Messages screen. This screen has a "Revert" button in the upper left in case you see something you don't like: "Revert" will un-merge your contacts and take you back to the Compose screen.

Step 4. Reviewing your merged mail

From the Review Messages screen, you can review each message that was generated. You can even make per-message adjustments as necessary (e.g. adding a special sentence to someone you know personally). Click on any contact in the Recipient List to review their instance of the mail. You may also test the messages by clicking "Test All" or "Test One". This will send messages to a single test address that you are able to specify.

Remember, if you need to make global changes to the draft, click "Revert" in the upper left. This will bring you back to the Compose screen (and erase any personalization you may have done). If you close fmSpark altogether at this point, your draft will be listed on the "Open Recent" screen. You can get to this Open Recent screen from fmSpark's Welcome screen, or from the fmSpark menu:

Step 5. Send your mail

When you're ready to send, click the "Test Mode" button in the lower left, toggling it to "Live Mode". Then, click "Send All" or "Send One". This will attempt to send the messages to each of the actual recipients as specified in the To, Cc or Bcc fields.

Remember, fmSpark sends mail using the plugin so you won't see this in your email client or in your out box.

If you get errors when sending, you can inspect those messages individually. After fixing the ones you can, press"Send All" again. fmSpark will not resend previously-sent messages, so none of your recipients should receive duplicate messages.

After all messages have been sent, the "Completed" checkbox will be checked. If some of your messages have failures, but you want to mark the draft completed anyway, you can mark this checkbox manually. Completed mailings can be reviewed in the "Open Recent" screen provided "Include completed mailings" is checked in the upper right of that screen.

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