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fmSpark 1.0 has two levels of privilege: User and Admin ( [Full Access] ).

"User" can use fmSpark to send email, letters and labels using existing templates and stationery. They cannot add new stationery, but can create new templates as part of the 'Save Template' functionality on the new Draft/Letter/Label screens.

Admin ( [Full Access] ) users have full access to fmSpark, including the ability to edit, create and delete: Templates, Stationery, Layouts, Users, etc. This also include full-administrative access to the fmSpark files themselves (aka FileMaker Full Access). The full access account and password are both "admin" (without the quotes) all lower case.

Accounts need to be added to the files: fmSpark.fp7 and fmSparkData.fp7. Accounts can optionally be added to fmSparkHelp.fp7, but otherwise that file will auto-enter the user-level privileges. fmSparkUtil.fp7 is locked and cannot be administered.

Custom privileges can be added by a developer.


The Admin-level users are set to use the [ Full Access ] privilege set which, by definition, gives full access to all fields, tables, scripts, value lists, and complete management of the database (which includes privileges and security, database schema, custom menus and custom functions).

The User-level users have lower-level privileges. The real security settings are in the fmSparkData.fp7 file, where security manages what a user can edit, create and/or delete. The user has no access to scripts, layout mode or other schema-level access within the files.

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