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This utility can help when you have an existing webpage that you'd like to use as the basis for Stationery within fmSpark. You can't simply copy the source code of the webpage because the links and reference are likely "Relative". Relative links only work within a certain context (/admissions/index.html, for instance). The Website Source Capture utility will attempt to convert "Relative" links into "Absolute" links which can be referenced from anywhere (i.e. from an email you need to send out).

First, paste in the URL of the page that you want to use (include the fully-qualified URL, including "http://"). The page should load to show you if you've got the correct one.

Click the Capture button. This will give you processed source (Relative links to Absolute links) in the text area at the bottom of the window. Click Copy Source to copy that source onto your clipboard.

Once you have the source, there are two things you need to do:

  1. Create a stationery to hold the new source. See Stationery for details on that.
  2. You need to process the source a little further in order to add placeholder tags. If you don't add placeholder tags, the stationery cannot add merged content. See Stationery Placeholder Tags for more information on this.

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