Specify the Media Type (currently Email, Letters, or Labels). Give your Template a name and a description. Choose the Print/Preview Layout, if different from the Media Type default, which will auto-populate upon selecting the Media Type.

The Preview can be generated by pressing the "Generate Preview" button. Automatic generation of HTML email previews is only supported in FileMaker 9.

The Sticky checkbox determines if the Template will always appear at the top of the list within its Media Type. This is useful for having a set of common Templates always appear near the top regardless of their alphabetical position in the list.

The Locked checkbox will prevent the Template from being deleted (without un-checking locked) or being Overwritten via the Save Template functionality.

The Merge Groups checkbox(es) determine(s) from which Group this template is available. By default, there is only one group. If there are multiple groups, they can be specified here. A template can be made available to multiple groups, if necessary.

Editing a Template

Templates are edited on the same screen in which you compose a mailing. To edit a template outside of workin on a specific mailing, select "New..." from the fmSpark menu and select the template you'd like to work on. Click "Create" in the lower right to bring up the Compose screen where you can edit the template's content and merge fields.

When you're done click "Save As Template..." towards the top of the screen and you'll have the option to save over the selected template or to save your changes as a new template. When working on email templates, any attachments linked to the mailing will be saved with the template.

You can then select "Open Recent..." to delete this draft from the recent mailings if all you needed to do was edit the template.

Inline Images

fmSpark has built-in inline image embedding support. This means you can really just grab any image off your computer and stick it into a region of your choice. For example, if you want to put the 'coupon' in the footer region in "Tan, 2 column", select the footer region, click 'add attachment', then add the image as an attachment. Before closing that attachment pop-up window, click the 'anchor' icon. This will generate an inline link which you can copy. You use the link as an inline img and paste it anywhere in your message (including the footer region).

Creating a new Template

Creating a new template is begun by editing the "Blank" template for the media type you're interested in. Then follow the Editing instructions above, saving your work as a new template.

Checking your work

After saving your work as a new template, be sure to visit the Templates tab of the Settings screen and review the template. Make sure the template is using an appropriate Preview Layout (such as "HTML" for html emails) and then generate a preview for the tampleate by clicking "Generate Preview" at the bottom of the screen: one this is done you'll be able to see a visual preview of the template in the template selection grid when creating your next mailing.

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