General Information

Layouts in fmSpark refer to actual FileMaker Pro layouts that are used for either previewing or printing your messages. Letters and Labels use layouts for preview and printing. Email uses layouts for previewing only.

The Name of the layout can be anything you want it to be. By default, it is the same as the name of the FileMaker Pro layout. The FileMaker Layout Name should not be changed unless the actual FileMaker Pro layout name has been changed in Layout Setup. The Layout Size refers to the size/format of the printout (the Avery number or the page size). For Labels, the Size tells us how many labels fit on a page and for Letters it tells us the Print Setup.

The Media Type is important. You must specify what type of media will be using the layout. Usually, for new layouts, this will either be Letters or Labels.

According to the way the layout was actually built, you can entered the requirements for the Text/Image arrays and any descriptions. For intance, if your layout uses 2 text array items, you should check the first two checkboxes and enter descriptions for the first two items.

Adding a new Layout

  1. Add the layout via FileMaker Pro layout mode. For letters you may want to duplicate an existing layout, while for labels you should probably stick to the label wizard. Name the layout something that you'll remember.
  2. Set the layout order, so that the layout you just created falls within the <Labels> or <Letters> tags in the layout menu. This is so the "Rebuild Layouts" process can find the new layout.
  3. Back in Admin on the Layouts tab, press the "Rebuild Layouts" button. You should see your new layout appear in the list. If not, check the order of the layouts to make sure that the new layout is inside either the Letters or Labels tag.
  4. Select your new layout by clicking on it.
  5. For Media Type, make sure that the correct media is selected (usually Letters or Labels)
  6. Select the appropriate Print Setup, based on the way the layout was built. If you need to add a new print setup, please see Developer/PrintSetups.
  7. Enter a description.
  8. Enter the requirements and descriptions for Text and Image array items.

Once a layout has been added, it can be used by a new Template.

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